Made in France, in the purest French tradition.

Betty emphasized on the quality and the sustainability of materials.

1 - Do not contain any harmful substance! 


2 - Handmade in the South of France by a family owned business 

(11 persons works on each pair of tight!!).

3 - All size inclusive and whether you identify with a gender or not we got you! 

Betty aimed for complete inclusion, all sizes are our standard and we do not stop at L! (wink wink 😉 big brands).

4 - Resistent! 

As part of our sustainable engagement, we aim for less is more! 

We only work with top premium quality fiber to ensure full resistance, so you can go on with your life without any worries. (birth post-partum, +size, and nail friendly)


Yes we repeat, we’re working and developing non-stop new comfort belts and fabric! 

« Il faut souffrir pour être belle » is an outdated motto that should no longer be part of any women life.

6 - Give French sexiness attitude - 90s inspired